About Wokah

Wokah is a Hand-crafted Lifestyle brand that is expressed through weaving and geared towards connecting people around the world. Born out of passion and the quest to celebrate creativity and culture, the young founder, who is also the creative director started wokah in 2018.  Ayinemi Apana together with her team of weavers uses centuries-old traditional craftsmanship and combines it with a modern flair to create fashionable bags, interior decor items, and Baskets of all kinds.

We pride ourselves on being ethically responsible and environmentally friendly.  Our main raw material, elephant grass, is locally sourced or grown in the tropical parts of Ghana.Each product is unique, different, and has a touch of the weaver.

At wokah, we grow together, share a common passion, and celebrate craftsmanship.



About Founder & Creative Director 

Wokah's Founder Ayinemi Apana is just A girl from Bolgatanga, who was born, raised and living in Bolgatanga the home of all handwoven baskets. Ayinemi is crazy about Handicrafts especially handwoven products. Growing up in a community which is regarded as the home of baskets, she found herself naturally enthused and excited about crafts. Wokah which simply means weaving in her local dialect(Frafra) was therefore born out of passion, the quest to empower weavers and her zeal to connect people around the world through a tangible object.